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 Hello everyone.
I opened this thread with the purpose of collecting ideas to try to facilitate the improvement of Wiki documentation specifically for those who are newbies to the Lazarus/FPC use, but who already have some experience in programming in other programming languages.
After many discussions on the subject, I have inferred that in order to obtain good documentation the first thing to do is to organize the topics to be dealt with by categories. Fortunately Trev has already organized the Wiki into Thematic Portals, has already created a specific portal for beginners in programming, and has opened a related thread on this topic. Therefore, in theory, it should be possible to collect and expand the material present in the Wiki for those who were already aware of other programming languages; essentially the argument: "Coming from another language?", in the New Users portal, should be expanded.
Surely, each one will have multiple interests to migrate from other programming languages to Lazarus/FPC. It would be appropriate to try to gather the experiences of as many Forum users as possible to identify the most frequent.
Personally, I think some interest in migration may come from the fact that Lazarus/FPC allows some ease in the creation of GUI applications. Applications are typically built natively for the specific platform, which most often provides excellent performance. It's not too complicated, where possible, to create cross-platform applications. I think there are many other reasons, but I would like to leave room for your opinions.

Thank you in advance for your interest.


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