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[SOLVED - BUT NOT SATISFACTORILY] Better search and replace dialog...

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--- Quote from: GypsyPrince on April 05, 2020, 12:44:04 am ---I see what the problem is.
Others like me whose native language is English have noticed that while the application and documentation are in English, it is not the dialect of English spoken by people who speak native English.

In other words, the English used in the application and documentation does not make sense to Americans and British - because it is a different English.

To a person who is American or British, the phrase "Replace All" means to replace all of the words at once. The way the process works in that video, the button should instead be labeled "Replace Next" or "Replace On at a Time". Others from America and England I have messaged with in here have had the some concerns.

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Well, the docs are open source too. You seem to be of the opinion that you're qualified for the task. So, if you can climb down off your high horse long enough... have at it.

Well, since so many basement dwellers in this forum want to act like juvenile dick heads rather than address a question in an adult-like manner, I don't believe this trashy place is for me.

--- Quote ---So, if you can climb down off your high horse long enough... have at it.
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--- Quote from: eljo on April 05, 2020, 01:25:41 am ---In any case any and all suggestion for a better terminology is always welcomed (I think) just make sure you use the proper communication channel, which I have no idea what might be, someone from the team should inform you about that.

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Patches for both code (including GUI resourcestrings) and documentation usually go through the bug tracker.
The mailing list is good for asking specific questions and discussing details as most developers read it.


--- Quote from: GypsyPrince on April 05, 2020, 01:11:48 am ---However, there is a problem with incorrect English on the control captions and documentation.

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I just checked: LibreOffice has the same "Replace All". And I am sure I have seen that in other apps...
It is the commonly used term. Especially in the old days, when all apps used to have a separate prompt dialog.


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