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We are planning the next release: Lazarus 2.0.8

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--- Quote from: mischi on April 03, 2020, 03:01:04 pm ---With fpc 3.2.0-rc1, building lazarus-cocoa with 2.0-fixes is broken:

cocoaprivate.pas(1552,26) Error: identifier idents no member "setNeedsDisplay"
cocoaprivate.pas(1563,8) Error: identifier idents no member "setNeedsDisplay"

I do not really know the details, but I assume the update of the Cocoaint header translations has not been taken into account.

After replacing  setNeedsDisplay  in cocoaprivate.pas with  setNeedsDisplay_(true)  the next error shows up:

cocoascrollers.pas(53,15) Error: There is no method in an ancestor class to be overridden: "setDocumentView(NSView);"
cocoascrollers.pas(53,15) Error: Objective-C messages require their Objective-C selector name to be specified using the "message" directive.
cocoascrollers.pas(53,15) Error: Mismatch between number of declared parameters and number of colons in message string.

Filing a bug report.

--- End quote ---
Resolved for trunk with commit 62885 and merged to fixes_2_0 with commit 62901. You guys are doing a great job.



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