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We are planning the next release: Lazarus 2.0.8

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Has been fixed and back-ported several months ago (r62208: IDE+lazbuild: build IDE: pass idemake.cfg without quotes, issue 36261) --> it will be included.


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on April 02, 2020, 12:38:26 pm ---Does your project compile? Do you have "sqldb" in the uses clause?

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aparently not that was the point to find out where the class where defined.

--- Quote from: Martin_fr on April 02, 2020, 12:38:26 pm ---I did some tests:
- If I add your code, but do not add "uses sqldb", then I do get the error.
- If I add "uses sqldb" then it works.

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well the search for information is more than half the help functionality but I get your point.

--- Quote from: Martin_fr on April 02, 2020, 12:38:26 pm ---
Unfortunately I am not the one who maintains the help system, and I do not know how it is designed.

There could be many TSqlQuery in different units.
So if the IDE can not detect (from the uses clause, and from parsing the code in your unit), where TSqlQuery is defined, then I have no idea what it is designed to do.

Ideally it should give a list of all help topics for the highlighted word.
I do not know if that is implemented.

IMHO, it should be reported in our bug tracker.

If you need to find what unit to add to your uses:
(though there was some trick needed, to scan and create the dictionary)

If you have queries on this, best to open a new forum thread, with a matching subject, so people who know will see it.

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Agreed with most of your points so far. Being a tourist in this community I fill like complaining for a free meal so I mostly keep it to my self except maybe a hint here and there.

--- Quote from: dbannon on April 02, 2020, 12:52:26 pm ---
Eljo, I wonder if you are thing of the "Show Unit, Identifier Dictionary" ?  Its great when you want to know what unit needs to be included.  However, it maintains its own database and needs to learn where things that you use are.  But I sure recommend it.

Hmm, maybe you need to install 'cody' package, then you will find it under the 'Source' menu.


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I wasn't aware of that I'll have to take a closer look thank you, although old habits die hard and all that.

I should point out that the problem with Ubuntu 20.04 beta mentioned,48720.msg351354.html#msg351354 but is much better documented at,48681.msg355565.html#msg355565 still exists.

I have just tested both Lazarus Fixes and Lazarus Trunk on a U20.04 beta, dated 1 April, and can confirm apps based on GTK2 made with Lazarus and Lazarus itself have a little crash at exit.  My tests from a month ago indicate that if I install the Ubuntu Repo FPC304 it does not happen !

Ubuntu is one of the more widely used Linux distros and 20.04 is a Long Term Release, good for six years.  While their beta is still three weeks away from release version, their time line indicates, to me, that what we see there now will be what we end up with !

As this problem can attributed to either Lazarus or FPC, its Lazarus because FPC does not use GTK, its FPC because, somehow, the Ubuntu developers have a FPC fix for it, no, tests I just conducted now indicate both problems still happen with Ubuntu repo release of FPC. Maybe its a packaging issue ?   No, its not.



--- Quote from: eljo on April 03, 2020, 02:55:08 am ---well the search for information is more than half the help functionality but I get your point.

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Note, I do not say that it's not broken. Just I do not know, if the behaviour is correct or not (it could be either).

I'll ask around, maybe someone knows....

In the meantime, you can always add a bug report. If not a bug, then it is a feature....

With fpc 3.2.0-rc1, building lazarus-cocoa with 2.0-fixes is broken:

cocoaprivate.pas(1552,26) Error: identifier idents no member "setNeedsDisplay"
cocoaprivate.pas(1563,8) Error: identifier idents no member "setNeedsDisplay"

I do not really know the details, but I assume the update of the Cocoaint header translations has not been taken into account.

After replacing  setNeedsDisplay  in cocoaprivate.pas with  setNeedsDisplay_(true)  the next error shows up:

cocoascrollers.pas(53,15) Error: There is no method in an ancestor class to be overridden: "setDocumentView(NSView);"
cocoascrollers.pas(53,15) Error: Objective-C messages require their Objective-C selector name to be specified using the "message" directive.
cocoascrollers.pas(53,15) Error: Mismatch between number of declared parameters and number of colons in message string.

Filing a bug report.


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