Author Topic: Help needed on a GPL FPC/Lazarus project  (Read 343 times)


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Help needed on a GPL FPC/Lazarus project
« on: March 28, 2020, 03:21:52 pm »
Dear all FPC/Lazarus developers,

I am a Physicist and working as a professor at Gazi University, Turkey. I have written a very small software in these last days for my laboratory's ad hoc needs. With the Covid-19 outbreak, my laboratory went to completely "remote-work". However, there were some computational codes needed to run on our lab computers. However, because of Teamviewer type of remote connection software and Reverse SSH were not working on the lab computers, there was a need for this small software. It is best used with Google Drive (GD), Dropbox type of cloud file management tools.

With this code, you can use your GD or Dropbox as a queue for your computation tool. The program checks a folder (likely in GD or Dropbox Folder). When finds a file (likely a Python script), it copies to a temp folder (likely a local folder). Then, it executes the file. When the execution of command finishes, it zips all results and put it to another folder (again likely a GD or Dropbox folder). Therefore, without using any other tools, you can use your Cloud file space as a computation queue. It can be used on many computers you need.

We believe, in days like these, many people may need this kind of software. Therefore, we publish it freely as quickly as possible (First release: Mar 25, 2020) at The code is very primitive. It runs only child process. OK, maybe it is lame. But, it is easy to recompile for your needs. There are many folder/directory monitoring software out there. But this will be very easy to use. And in the future, it is planned to control the inactivity of the folder. To my knowledge, there is only one software with this feature. And it is commercial software, and quite expensive.

It fulfills my lab's needs for now. It is working at least :) However, it needs active development. I will continue to develop it in my spare time. Please do not hesitate to help and improve the code. I am sincerely waiting for your merge (pull) requests. So this topic is not asking a specific problem, but asking a general help. If you spare time to code with FPC/Lazarus, you may help us and maybe many other possible users who need different types of remote working in this pandemic days.

If it is not appropriate to post this topic here, please accept my apologies.


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Re: Help needed on a GPL FPC/Lazarus project
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2020, 11:08:20 pm »

Thank you for your contribution to the community.  This software is quite intriguing to me. 

As you were describing its use, I found myself thinking, "man, that would be nice to have!"  So I'm glad that this was your plan all along.

Thanks again.

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