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Another try at building Lazarus on OS X

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Ugly !
Out of ideas.

Short answer: This is something internal, mostly not to worry about. Lazarus should work.

Long answer: The lcl <-> gtk interface internally uses device contects (DC) to draw on and graphic objects to draw with (GDI). If an app doesn't clear those objects you get a warning on close, since in normal operations those objects should have been cleared (if not, then you have a resource leak)
This cleanup fails mostly when you get some kind of exception.

Thanks for your reply Marc, but the problem is (and it seems I wasn't specific enough in my previous message) that Lazarus doesn't launch. The error messages get dumped to ym terminal and then I'm back at the prompt. The "About" window (although without the picture, just a white rectangle) flashes briefly and then disappears.

Any idea what I could have done wrong?

You can install gdk_pixbuf from Fink

Ah, as I said, you get those messages if you had an exception :)
In your case you got one, which resulted in an exit before the splash screen came up. THis splash screen is the first graphical form/control what get shown. So if anything is wrong in the LCL, you get noticed there.
What and why I don't know. I don't have access to a ppc.
Maybe you can ask the mailinglist. (I don't know if Mattias reads the forum regulary)


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