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Another try at building Lazarus on OS X

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Well, after the successfull and painless install of Lazarus on my desktop machine, I wanted to do the same on my Powerbook.

The compilation seems to work fine, but I get the following error at the linking stage:

--- Quote ---
Linking ./startlazarus
/usr/bin/ld: can't locate file for: -lgdk_pixbuf

--- End quote ---

Does anybody know what's going on?

Edit: I have Free Pascal Compiler (binary and source) and GTK installed

you need also to install gdk_pixbuf (that is a separate package)

I got this on Linux Mandrake 10.
Don't worry, you just have to install one of the development packages that came with your OS.
I installed Lazarus first ignoring the package but you can't compile apps. without it so...

Sorry to bother you all again: I installed gdk_pixbuf and compilation went fine, but now I got the following errors when trying to launch Lazarus:

--- Quote ---
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy] WARNING: There are 2 unreleased DCs, a detailed dump follows:
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy]  DCs:   01A4DD84 002E0254
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy] WARNING: There are 7 unreleased GDIObjects, a detailed dump follows:
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy]   GDIOs: 01AE4114 01AE2FD4 01AE3394 002E0374 01B050D4 002DC664 002DC5B4
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy]   gdiBitmap: 1
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy]   gdiBrush: 2
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy]   gdiFont: 2
[TGtkWidgetSet.Destroy]   gdiPen: 2
Broken pipe

--- End quote ---

What do I miss this time?

Guest above was me. Seems like the forums do *not* remember you after some time, although I did check the option :(


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