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Since Sparta is no longer functional/maintained, we decided to backport CT's excellent form designer(r.62735). You can test it with Lazarus trunk:
1. Svn update/git pull
2. Recompile package ideintf($(Lazarus)/components/ideintf/ideintf.lpk)
3. Rebuild IDE
4. Go to Tools->Options->Environment->Embedded designer and check "Enable embedded desinger"

Please avoid any drama in this thread, if you have issues with CT, take it somewhere else. This thread is about the designer and nothing else.

@GetMem and in general:
You may have issues with po files, so do a clean check out.
(I ran into this today)
A clean check out builds and works.


--- Quote ---You may have issues with po files, so do a clean check out.
--- End quote ---
Thanks for the suggestion, but I never commit po files. I have nothing to do with translations.

It is merely a warning for side effects. The improvement is appreciated.


You did a great job.

I tested the package and it seems to work very well. Coming up I will do more tests with more complex projects. I tried to enable it and disable it and it behaved correctly.
I hope it is adopted in the next version of Lazzarus, I think it is very useful for projects that use many forms.

However, I did not understand what CT is and the drama related to it.


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