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--- Quote from: trev on March 10, 2020, 12:29:33 am ---A Portal page is a human curated page that has had some thought, understanding and organisation applied to its creation and maintenance.
--- End quote ---
Great job, Trev. I liked the new edition.  ;)

Good job trev.

If possible, I would like to translate your page into the Italian language. However, I do not have much experience with the mediawiki in duplicating the structure of the page, I made a try, but did not satisfy me.

Is there essential documentation for duplication and deletion of mediawiki pages?

Otto, I fixed up one of your earlier drafts after a few mis-steps of my own. It should be ready for you to translate the two templates now. Just click the "edit" annotations on the two boxes.

(I learn by trial and error :) )

Thank you trev.

I will finish the translation.

If there wasn't already, as soon as possible, we could create a new portal with topic:
essential documentation of the mediawiki.

Where to share the basic and advanced techniques for writing documentation for Lazarus and FPC.

A comprehensive resource exists for MediaWiki Wikis. See the mother of all Help Wikis.


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