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New User Portal for the Wiki

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I had a stab at the New User Portal which was suggested in the "Tutorial Web/Wiki" thread which I didn't wish to hijack.

It's a Wiki, so feel free to add to/update/fix the content on the page. I ran out of ideas pretty fast...

What is the difference between a Portal page and a Category page?

A Portal page is a human curated page that has had some thought, understanding and organisation applied to its creation and maintenance.

A Category page is a computer generated page which extracts all pages which have been tagged as belonging to the category from the database.

To see the difference with an example, take the Mac Portal page and then compare it to the macOS Category page.

Excellent work Trev.  But how can I find this portal from the main page?

In the near future, a main page which is very similar to this mockup will become the Wiki main page. You can bookmark that page for the time being.


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