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[SOLVED] Undocumented units in lcl/forms


This weekend I discovered some undocumented units in the lcl/forms directory. Namely:

* calcform.pas
* calendarpopup.pas
* dblogdlg.pas
* finddlgunit.pas
* replacedlgunit.pas
* timepopup.pas
I used makeskel to create skeleton help files for them, and was planning to submit them to Mantis. But I'm not sure the source fits into the scheme used in build_lcl_docs.exe. The code is not directly in the lcl directory, but in a subdirectory below that. It doesn't appear the code will be found by fpdoc since its not in the lcl source path.

So the questions are:

* Are they really needed?
* Is this an issue that needs to be addressed in build_lcl_docs.lpr?


Just noticed that TFPDocRun.AddFilesToList actually recurses into subdirectories. No problem then.


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