Author Topic: [SOLVED] How can I extract an interface from a TGtkWidget (GtkScrollable) ?  (Read 544 times)


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The widget implements GtkScrollable. In theory I could use

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  1.   gtk_scrollable_get_hadjustment: function(scrollable: PGtkWidget): PGtkAdjustment; cdecl;
  2.   gtk_scrollable_get_vadjustment: function(scrollable: PGtkWidget): PGtkAdjustment; cdecl;  

with my widget, but the parameter "scrollable" should actually be a PGtkScrollable, which is defined nowhere in the bindings. So I try using the PGtkWidget directly and then the funcs  obviously return garbages as this is not the right address.

See for more details. The idea is to sync a TScrollBar to the vertical scrollbar of the widget.

I'd eventually be okay to use a hacky method based on the ABI, e.g unsafe pointer arithmetic.
As the object structure is known the right pointer must be something like address of the widget + 8 * n (to get the location of the virtual table), then the dereference of this pointer + 8 * m (m is 0, 1 or 2 as there's only 3 interfaces in this widget).


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Re: How can I extract an interface from a TGtkWidget (GtkScrollable) ?
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looks like this is only possible since the gtk3 interface. the gtk2 version obiously has no interface and provide a direct getter (


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