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Possible to do an Aqua GUI with lazarus?

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Here is the google cache of that mail-archive site (it is not up right now):

I am going to try to get some people on the newsgroups interested in getting FreePascal/Lazarus to work with WxWindows. I know a lot of them have been wanting a Delphi-like IDE for MacOSX (or that can produce apps for OSX) for some time, and would probably be willing to contribute their efforts.

If you want to have a native Lazarus for OSX, I would personally put my effor in getting the carbon interface to work (and not in yet another wrapper)

That would be nice.

I still can't understand why you can find a BorlandX working on Solaris (!), but can't find a Kylix or BorlandX working on Mac OS X...

Plus the fact that there is no RAD on OS X (Interface Builder is a joke, and Real Basic a toy)...

Here, here!

REALbasic is worse than a joke -- but the only tool we have found for quick OS X database front-ends. It is really a shame. I have been playing with JBuilder 2005 on my Mac, but that doesn't create a "real" Mac interface. I want Mac apps to look like they were designed on a Mac!

I wish Borland would have invested in porting Delphi to the Mac, instead of Linux. Kylix is dead, proving Linux developers seldom pay for anything unless they have no alternative.

It seems it was cheaper to port Delphi to Linux, TrollTech and Borland are parteners so it was easier since TrollTech made the QT interface for Kylix, i don't know why but Borland seems to be Win only at the moment.

But since Lazarus is OpenSource it might soon be able to use Carbon if enough people want that and try to get it working.


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