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Possible to do an Aqua GUI with lazarus?

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Hi, I was about to start porting my Delphi Win32 application to Mac OSX, using carbon, when I discovered lazarus. Now I am thinking that if I can get lazarus working on OSX, it might be worth it to port it that way instead of through carbon.

But this is only viable if I can make an application with the Aqua interface. I found this site:

It seems like they may or may not have some native Aqua widgets available that work with GTK, that used in conjunction with Lazarus would do what I was hoping. But I am unfamiliar with Unix and it seems like it is a daunting task to install these things. Has anyone else already tried this?

Edit: never mind, it seems all they have so far is buttons. Since it is a fairly simple application I am just going to do it with Carbon.

Well actually - what about this?

Example Screenshot:

How would I go about interfacing lazarus with this widget set for aqua? (reading the wiki now)

As I am learning more about this, it seems getting WxWindows to work with Lazarus has been suggested  many times before. Where can I find out more about these previous efforts, and why they have fizzled? Is it just too much work?

I think I found my answer here:

The consensus seems to be that it is possible, but would take a lot of work. However, if it does actually get done, I think it will be the closest thing to Delphi for Mac OSX yet.


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