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Re: I are fustrated: no sayd I banned (not here)
« Reply #15 on: April 07, 2020, 09:32:28 pm »
I back you thoght i dead becouse i not paying taxes, but I LIVE BECOUSE OF IT!!!!! Can you imagine how many icecream can i byu for that moneys?!? :o ABOUT 2 KGS!!! :yahoo:

When i shall get work of lockshoer or even janipor, i definitely shall must pay all my made-up debts for state.

Back to.................. something. I in good mood even if you swear me. Actually, i did not read all. I jast wanted to write somewhere that I PAYED FOR ENTERNET!!!!!!! Big bummer that when i was in solder, NO F... NO FUNNY ONE!!!! answered to my mail. (I wrotten to some english-speaking indians, koreans, americans, turkmen and even one german.) In fakt, in internet is very tiny peoples, and they hate be bothered. Some of them who deserves respect even is not in internet! You know, Whip or Rose Bush, i not know many, but it does not matter when i too uneducated.

Okay. I somewhere have book about Paskal (no real human, but PL), and one day soon i shall dig it up and write somehing about unions in Pascal PL (about 1970-ears old book, so it's classic, not something trendy `90-Pascal` or `Mackintos Paskal`). In other theme.

So. If you no angry, i may publish or make vidio about my mega game which contain stolen free (or maybe sharoware) sounds. I think better will if i use my CoPro 480p action camera, but i first need repair it. Actually it is no real original but chinese clon for pitful misirable 39 $. So, sorry i not skreenshot but i lazy to open pocket pc where is.


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