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--- Quote from: Martin_fr on January 25, 2020, 08:26:52 pm ---But to start with, maybe a tutorial page overview on the wiki? Maybe even as a portal ?

--- End quote ---

Portals are fantastic concepts which thematically gather together all the scattered and otherwise difficult to find Wiki pages. Unfortunately the Portal pages suffer a similar fate of being scattered and difficult to find.

Can we please add the Portal page galleries which serbod prototyped at to the Main Page? At the moment none of these can be found from the home page.

If noone else takes it up in the near future, I'll also look at creating a Tutorials portal which is not a small undertaking - there are already a lot of tutorials in the Wiki, from programming AVR microcontrollers to adding an Apple Help book to an application. See:

Regarding the image portal links for the main page:
I sent out a mail to the other team members. Just to make sure there is nothing about the main page that I am unaware of.

If there is not, I will take care of it in a bit.

A section with examples or "how to" would be interesting. I agree with @handoko, there are very good demos attached in the forum messages.


--- Quote from: Handoko ---May I suggest a section for short demos? I saw people often wrote demos for answering question in the forum. Some of them are short but interesting, should be shown to the public. I think they will be attractive for newbies.

--- End quote ---

Good idea! It will be useful to have a collection of good quality demo applications!

Just to mention, on top of the tutorial links in previous posts of this thread, we also have


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