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--- Quote from: Martin_fr ---Just to mention, on top of the tutorial links in previous posts of this thread, we also have

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By the way, how I can add my application to these lists?


--- Quote from: vladimirr on January 26, 2020, 12:01:00 am ---By the way, how I can add my application to these lists?

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Top right of the wiki page: register.
Once registered you can edit (most) pages.

Too right !  I really like the idea of a wiki page listing pointers to smaller tips and trick, demos etc in the forum. 

Maybe its a good idea if when someone adds the forum link to the wiki page, they also post a message to the forum thread saying "I just added this to XXX wiki page". That way, people, especially ones looking for those little demos, will be aware of the wiki page.


Right, while this is definitely Handoko's idea, just about every one agrees its a good one.  I'm going to give it a bump !

Handoko wanted it on the main website rather than the wiki. I suggest a link from the main website to a a wiki page is easiest solution. Below is my first cut at some usage guidelines.  I think this is what people have in mind. Unless someone objects, I will create a wiki page along these lines and we can do any necessary development there rather than a long conversation here on the forum.

Table of Contents

* This page contains a number of tips, tricks and techniques relating to coding FPC/Lazarus projects. Its a wiki page and that means everyone is entitled, indeed, encouraged, to contribute.

* If you see something relevant in the forum or elsewhere (always observing copyright and license) please add it to this page.
* Content that relates to one particular component is better added to that component's own wiki page.  If its more than just how to use the component, please link it under "Components".  Conversely, content that applies to multiple components belongs here with links from the relevant components.

* This page is about small snippets rather than large works, if what you need to add is longer than 20 or so lines, maybe its a new page page in its own right.

* Please add only things you know are correct, testing yourself is a great idea.

* Remember that this page is particularly targeted at new users but thats no reason to leave out advanced topics. 

* Please try and keep within the heading structure but don't be afraid to add a new heading if its necessary.

* Don't duplicate wiki content, a few well chosen words and a link may be all thats needed. And a link to a forum thread may well also be appropriate.

* When adding content, say from a FPC/Lazarus forum, post a note on that forum thread saying what you have done.

* There is a separate page for IDE Tips and Trick (link)

Drawing and Graphics


Basic Programming


Some good stuff in Category "Code Snippets".  I sometimes post forum snippets there.


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