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May I suggest a section for short demos? I saw people often wrote demos for answering question in the forum. Some of them are short but interesting, should be shown to the public. I think they will be attractive for newbies.

For examples:

Move shape with mouse by mousemove by furious programming:,43376.msg303582.html#msg303582

Drawing, moving and make connection between shapes by Handoko:,41036.msg284131.html#msg284131

A simple pong game by Handoko:,42439.msg297949.html#msg297949

There are lots of them, but I forget where they are.

I haven't checked if we already have something or not.

But to start with, maybe a tutorial page overview on the wiki? Maybe even as a portal ?
Then create individual wiki pages for each of them, or link to the forum.

The page could be linked from the home page, in the "Education" section.

This is already linked on top of the home page
Could be somehow integrated and the link adjusted.....

I meant to put them on the Lazarus website. I think newbies / new comers are not likely to visit the wiki.


--- Quote from: Handoko on January 25, 2020, 08:31:08 pm ---I meant to put them on the Lazarus website. I think newbies / new comers are not likely to visit the wiki.

--- End quote ---

It wouldn't be a problem to add a page, if someone creates and maintains it.
But the latter is kind of the issue => it needs maintenance. Even with a volunteer, there would then be only one person to integrate the updates. (And people would need a way to reach that person)

Currently we have the "online tutorials" link on the website. (It's in the top section, no scrolling needed). That should be easy to find.

The problem is => the wiki page to which it points needs a maintainer.
If it gets reworked, and made to look like the portal pages then new users would probably use it.

Look at => that page invites to stay.

As for doing more on the website....

If someone does the work, we can add one new page "Help",  "First steps" or "Docs and info" or ......

But I do not think this page should actually hold the content (i.e. list of tutorials) => that changes. And people who want to add new tutorials should be able to do that and add them.

So what could be on the page is like a directory of help pages. Link to the online help and what to expect from the help, link to one or more wiki portals, and what to expect to find there.

I suggest various groups of links into the wiki (mainly to portal pages)
first step creating and apps / tutorials
OS specifics

If we put all those links on one (sub-) page, rather than having them strewn all over the main page, that might indeed be helpful.

What do you think?

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