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Problem with optimization -O2

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I have a problem with the compiler.
I write quite extensive code and I encountered a problem with "optimization". If I use -O2 optimization, the problem occurs, if I don't use optimization, the problem is gone.

Maybe you will advise how to find out where the problem is?

A few tips I have noticed:
- There is a problem with the procedural procedure
- if I don't use the last third variable, it works fine
- if I use this variable, the data changed in this procedure do not affect the outside.

Now some code:
1. In file project_eth.lpr in the loop calling SocketProcess(data_buf) from ethernet.pas.
2. In SocketProcess calling ETH_Process from 117 line
3. ETH_Process calling ETH_Process_Frame from 99 line
4. ETH_Process_Frame calling ETH_Protocol_IP from ETH_Process_Frame (55 line)
5. ETH_Protocol_IP_TCP calling socket^.recv_func from line 341

socket^.recv_func it contains the address  server_recv80 procedure
the procedure is performed but has no effect on external variables.

if use variable "rcv_size" in server_recv80 procedure, that server_recv80 not change data with the help of SocketSendData(tcb_id, @snd_buff[0], size);  <<< ---- write the addres snd_buff and write size to TCB
  SocketClose(tcb_id);   <<< ---- Set flag = FLAG_FIN in TCB

I test this with code after calling this procedure in ethernet_ip_tcp.pas line 342

I no use optimization in FPC, all calling OK and code from 342 line is true.

my question is what makes the same code after -O2 optimization not work.
Or why if I use the -O2 optimization and comment the code from line 84-95, it also works correctly.

how to find it?

In lib directory asm in non -O2 version, and -O2 version

Link to sources :

Sorry for the english, written with the help of google translator

Which compiler version are you using?

Free Pascal Compiler version 3.3.1

Compiler date      : 2019/12/22
Compiler CPU target: arm

No tested last sources..


the difference is that I won't get any warning message
the code compiles correctly

I tested last trunk and the error still occurs.

For Target ARM source from
compiled no bugs

I tried to reproduce my problem on simple code, but everything works.


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