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VirtualU now has edge softening
« on: January 08, 2020, 09:26:05 pm »
    A new version of the Lazarus program VirtualU is available. VirtualU imports, edits and makes AVIs, GIFs, MPGs, MOVs, WMVs and MP4s.
    *VirtualU has been put through a major gauntlet of debugging so that it runs better with no known bugs or leaks. Various minor problems were found and fixed. The program is now more user friendly with many improvements.
    *Help files, prompts and instructions have been updated and improved.
    *Problems were found in some of the methods in the Transparencies menu and they have been fixed so that they are trouble free and more user friendly.
    *Changes were made to the methods in the Transparencies menu so that when a picture or video altered by those methods is deleted then no more action is required to cancel those methods. Cancellations are now done automatically.
    *All restrictions have been removed so that no limitations remain, resulting in a fully functional free program. This means, for example, that multiple pictures and videos can move around the capture area during recording using the same object movement method.
    *Additional fail safe methods were added to VirtualU to prevent problems.
    *Two new major features  with their accompanying controls and instructions have been added to VirtualU. These features add superb edge softening to any transparent picture so that hard pixel edges are removed. Edge softening Method 1 softens the edges of transparent non-moving pictures. Method 2 does edging on transparent moving or non-moving pictures or videos on top of moving or non-moving backgrounds of pictures and videos. Method 2 alters each frame of a VirtualU recorded video so that each frame of the picture or video to be softened is adjusted frame by frame to whatever moving or non-moving background images are under it. Method 2 is not yet ready but it should be ready in about a month or so. It will be announced here.
    These two new features together are the capstone of the menu items which alter imported images.
    An extra benefit of VirtualU's edge softening process is that it causes two dimensional transparent images to have a more 3D appearance and this effect plus unlimited layers of image envelopes gives even more 3D effect. See the attached pictures (before.gif and after.gif) to see what we mean. The pix orbscape.gif shows more edge softening that is so good that you can't tell where one image ends and the other begins.
    The edge softening unit alters images that are raster scanned, hard pixel edged images on transparent backgrounds. If necessary, this unit can make non-transparent edge-softened images be transparent. It first removes existing edge softening, makes the image be transparent and then creates replacement edge softening. In this process the colors are also brightened. This unit can process 225 320x320 foreground images in about 6 seconds.
    Method 2 uses disk or default dynamic memory for video and picture processing.
    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and we say that a video is worth ten thousand.
    We express our gratitude to the Lazarus Forum and its members for important key solutions which they provided for the contrast and edge softening features. These solutions enabled these two features to be as efficient and fast as existing technology allows. We're sorry about the numerous forms in this program. We just haven't had time to reduce their number. If we have ever been at fault then please put the onus on workload.
    Gratitude is also expressed to relatives who enabled VirtualU to exist. They are something more.
    In addition to the creation of edging Method 2 we hope in the future to make a video tutorial to accompany and coincide with the existing tutorial document. We will continue to make VirtualU be better and better.
    We are currently constructing an existing web site called from which VirtualU and other stuff can be downloaded. The current download site shown below will also continue to exist.
    All praise to Lazarus.
    The current download version of VirtualU contains the changes mentioned above.

    Download link for virtualu.exe in zip file

    Instructions and developmental logs:

    Demo: Show titled wtf7 by Fingal (World Of The Future) on YouTube. (


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