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--- Quote from: MarkMLl on December 24, 2019, 10:21:33 am ---If this is the astronomical New Moon, i.e. relative to the centres of the Earth, Sun and Moon, and if the timing is UTC, then I don't even see why the location is relevant.

If on the other hand it's related to observation of the New Moon to determine the start of the Jewish month, or is for eclipse calculations... can't you find something easier to torture yourself with? :-)

I've done a bit of this stuff (transcribing code which I think ultimately originated from Meeus). One of the problems was that the maths was sufficiently hairy that the results were platform specific... not grossly so, but things like a seasonal offset of ~3 mins for Sunrise/Sunset after correction for refraction etc.


--- End quote ---

Sideric and synodic moon - everyone should have learned that in school.

And as a hobbyist it should be enough to take the first 19 to 23 equations to get an exact result.
The NASA has a very lot more!



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