Author Topic: Using pascal programs as backend for PHP based webpages?  (Read 10594 times)


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Re: Using pascal programs as backend for PHP based webpages?
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AMHO, use this or use this

Mixing the two isn't recommended, if its possible: be aware that mixing the 2 languages means that the CGI-Pascal-fpWeb named session - said PASCAL_SESSID, or whatever you want - knows how to retrieve the Php named session - said PHP_SESSID, or whatever you want - in order to be assigned with its\some web session variables (using embedded COOKIE or URL's GET or URL's POST shuttle), or vice versa. Absolutely possible. But this complicates things.

nb1: Php was created as a *.htm template handling laguage. For information, fpWeb has a *.htm template engine named fpTemplates.
nb2: CGI-Pascal-fpWeb is just a console program.
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use: Linux 64 bits (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS).
Lazarus version: 2.0.4 (svn revision: 62502M) compiled with fpc 3.0.4 - fpDebug \ Dwarf3.


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