Author Topic: Warning about Upgrade to Ubuntu19.10  (Read 670 times)


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Warning about Upgrade to Ubuntu19.10
« on: October 23, 2019, 09:16:22 am »
hi Folks,

be careful, when upgrading to Ubuntu19.10
If you're using MySQL5.7 (or lower), don't forget to lock your mysql-versions in Synaptic.
It happened to me yesterday late in the evening (being half asleep), i kicked off the upgrade,
and when i read the summary what was installed resp. removed i started cursing like a sailor, when i read
"mysql5.7 community edition being removed, mysql8 being installed"
it doesn't matter if it's the MySQl from the Dist-Repo, or the one from the MySQL-Repo.
Not  locked = MySQL5.X removed/replaced with MySQL8

I lucked out, that my Laptop is "just" a dev-machine (with no running live-DB's on it), so i don't lose anything with removing MySQL8, and reinstalling MySQL5.X again
but i have another Ubuntu19.04-Machine with a Live MySQL5.7 on it......
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