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What is the current status of Risc-V Target?

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I just received a few cheap Risc-V boards from China:

does anybody know what the status of the Risc-V Target is?

It looks like on the extra branch for this there was no activity for nearly a year. Is the target already useable?


The riscv branch was merged into trunk on sept 28th, 2018. So that branch is now stale.

I don't know what the exact status of the risc port is.

Good to know, I just followed the documentation in the wiki and that still points to the extra branch(es)

I would consider the RISC-V 64 bit target in trunk basically working. It's not tested nightly due to lack of hardware.

RISC-V 32 bit is not tested and cleaned up, but might work. Once hardware, like the Sipeed stuff, starts becoming available it will get worked on :)

Sounds good, I will give the 64bits version a try....



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