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Also if I strip the lazarus.exe
 ./fpc/3.0.4/bin/i386-win32/strip.exe lazarus.exe

Then reports are clean.
That means the offending byte sequence is in the debuginfo.
The debug info is normally not executed. Of course a virus could hide there and have a loader in the normal code. Unlikely though that it hides in the debug info without encrypting/scrambling to avoid detection... .My 2 cents)!/file/bzE5MTEwMUIxLTh4ODJZY0hTSk1MeDgydDVI/regular/overview

Renato Ricci:
Perfect!! How about generate a new lazarus install file with the lazarus.exe file already stripped? That sounds great !! :)

About my posts, do you want me do delete them after we found a solution for it?


keep the posts. Others may want to read up on it.

The installer always has debug info... But I uploaded a copy of the exe to

You can also rebuild the exe with lazbuild (which is part of the install too). But I would need to search the wiki for the steps.

Or if you can stop your AV from deleting the exe, you can strip it yourself. strip is part of the install, or can be used from any previous install, or downloaded from various sites on the net (including the fpc svn somewhere....)

Renato Ricci:
Thanks! Have a good one.

  Good news 😘😘😘💖💖💖


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