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Hey i compile simple code for my LPC1114.
I have questions:

1. i can use ObjFPC mode ?
2. If use SetLenght my program stoped why?
3. I muset settings heap size? 

Please help.

Sorry, my english is not perfet :) I from Poland.

1. Yes, but as you have found out you need to ensure that you are aware of your memory usage
2. Because you need to install a memory manager explicitly. You can do that by adding "heapmgr" to your uses list as one of the first units. Then you need to set the heap size as in your third question
3. Setting the heap size only does something if you use the heap area. The heapmgr unit does that, for example. So if you set heap size (command line option -Ch) and use heapmgr you should see you should be able to allocate dynamic memory

Thank you

I like Pascal Dialect and last 6 years programmed in C...
Does it make sense to write in this language? on embedded devices?
More as a hobby codding :P

Definitely :)

Hi, I am trying to do exactly as you wrote here - set heap size and add heapmgr unit to uses clause. But on compilation it gives an error:
Cannot find heapmgr used by ...

My Target OS is Linux, target CPU is arm. Should I add some more paths to the project options? The heapmgr unit is found only in fpc\fpcsrc\rtl\embeded directory and if I add it to the path, then a lot more errors start to emerge.


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