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 Introducing REST Dataware a Delphi / Lazarus mega REST project with full language compatibility and ease of use.
 REST Dataware brings the best of RAD and OOP for Internet data usage, easy to learn, powerful to use and can be used with dbWare REST components or WebMethods (Events) to share and consume data in the cloud.
 DbWare components have two types of usage, REST / JSON or REST / Binary for optimized data traffic that can bring in thousands of rows of data in seconds bringing cloud-like performance to local networks.
 RDW components also bring webpascal which is our way of using web within pascal simply and clearly with all the processing power of RDW behind.
 Committed today to the Help folder an English tutorial to help everyone learn and new English tutorials have been posted in it to increase RDW learning for everyone.
 Completely free and open, it is already being widely used in Brazil by various communities and has been updated almost daily, with over 8000 downloads on SourceForge and a large community using and updating for everyone.
 At we have skype support groups with people from all over the world speaking multiple languages ​​to help everyone have their data in the cloud simply and conveniently. lazarus Online package manager has a version but it is advisable to use the SourceForge SVN version
 I am Gilberto Rocha the creator of the project, we have talked about it here in the past but today the RDW has even become somewhat of a standard here in Brazil for REST for being compatible lazarus servers with Delphi and vice versa, being the RDW very versatile and simple, so try them out too and come with us to create one more cool and free solution for everyone to effortlessly convert two-tier systems or create powerful webpascal and RDW servers for other languages ​​to consume, the sky is the limit come on and have fun as we enjoyed it all.

 Skype :

 English Tutorial
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This is REST Dataware, full compatible with Lazarus


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I am also using it with lazarus

ciao Anderson e Gilberto.



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Does REST Dataware have Authentication/Authorization components ?

Dare I ask ? Does it know about OAuth 1a  ?

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There is the possibility to authenticate access


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I'm trying to follow the tutorial using Lazarus, however I can't find how to inherit the uDWDataModule, I tried a new datamodule but get message udmservice not found.

Any help will be really appreciated.




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