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ANN: TRichView 18
« on: October 17, 2019, 02:56:02 pm »
We've released new version of our rich text components for Delphi and Lazarus: TRichView 18, ScaleRichView 9.

This update supports Lazarus 2 (only Windows platform).
It includes support for multiple-resolution TImageList in all places where it can be used:
- displaying images from TImageList in documents;
- special buttons that can pop up when the caret is moved next to certain objects in a documents ("smart popups").

Additionally, we updated our word processor demos to use multiple-resolution TImageList in toolbars. We have two sets of images for all editing commands. Each set includes 16x16, 32x32, and selected 64x64 toolbar images.

Other changes:
- high-DPI support in editors and dialogs;
- import, export and printing - independent of screen DPI;
- zooming in rich text editor (TRichViewEdit), not only in WYSIWYG editor (ScaleRichView);
- measuring in logical pixels instead of physical screen pixels;
- new internal measure unit - EMU (English Metric Units), in additional to pixels and twips.

Web site:

More info about this release: