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We are planning the next release: Lazarus 2.0.6

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I believe a cocoa installer is planned, but I have to get confirmation on this.

We are looking forward.
In fact, LAMW android plugin, it will be very nice if you add :)

Would be great if you could have the new installer work on MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Same experience as previous mentions: 2.0.4 no longer works on Catalina. Please also refer to this thread:,47011.0.html
Many thanks for your efforts!


Right now, the System TrayIcon  (Lazarus Additional Component toolbar) does not work as it should on many, maybe even most, Linux systems.

r62020 (listed as "Submitted by developer / committer, tested, waiting to be merged") goes a long way towards getting some functionality to most Linux desktops. Its not great but heaps better than current situation.

I'd like to add at least one entry to its look up table, Enlightenment, see -,46912.msg336373.html#msg336373

(I'd go further and put some ugly stuff in there that allows run time change of behavior using an environment variable but I suspect thats a bridge too far away right now).


Re macOS, in particular Catalina. I am working on the port description of Lazarus-Cocoa 2.0.4 / fpc 3.0.4 for MacPorts, but still have some issues to resolve (You can follow the pull request here: Once finished, updating to 2.0.6 should not be a problem.


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