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--- Quote from: Thaddy on October 17, 2019, 07:53:18 am ---I suggest you do not rebuild, but simply have the newer units in the path. That should be enough.

--- End quote ---

The "newer units", you mean the .pp and .pas files from fpc 3.2 ?   To the src tree or the lib tree ?
They will have to be compiled at some stage won't they ?  The originals are in the /usr/ tree so the compiler (running as me) cannot make the *.o files. 

In my fpc320 src tree, the openssl src files are in a subdir structure similar to whats installed in my /usr/share/fpc/3.0.4/packages/ so thats probably where they need to go.   However, I cannot build them there.

Ah, got it, I need to run "make all" up a level but this particular fpc install was done from Ubuntu's repo and does not include the necessary make infrastructure.  I'll move over to my build machine, it should be able to rebuild all we like because I have previously build cross compilers from there.

Be careful: only the units I mentioned, not all of it! The units I mentioned do not break things because the use no new features.
The simplest is just to include the path to the new units in your project(s). Seems to me you are over-complicating things.

Hmm, maybe I am over thinking it. I was trying to insert the extra units into the FPC trees, not my project.

However, just adding to my project ? no go.

Firstly, restored my FPC trees and CleanUp and Build. My test code again compiles.

Now, add the  fpc320 files, fpopenssl.pp  openssl.pas  opensslsockets.pp to my test project, cleanup and build.  It fails complaining -

"Fatal: Cannot find sslsockets used by fphttpclient. Make sure all ppu files of a package are in its output directory. ppu in wrong directory=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/fpc/3.0.4/units/x86_64-linux/fcl-net/sslsockets.ppu.."

fcl-net/sslsockets.ppu is where is should be and untouched since installation.

I can manually add fcl-net/sslsockets.pas to the project but that just leads to another unit not being found ....

Thaddy, your comment about only the units you mentioned ?  Please mention them again, I cannot find where you mentioned them.


You can only put the source somewhere if no other units depend on those units. Otherwise they also need to be recompiled.

Thanks Marcov.  I am afraid it does not sound like a very practical solution. I also had a go at installing fpc320 "on the side" so as to not affect my 3.0.4 install but ran into issues there too.

I think I would be better keeping away from these type of solutions, I'll wait for 3.2.0 to be released !

Thanks for your help.



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