Author Topic: (SOLVED) allegro5.pas.. No _divmoddi4 function in allegro_acodec-5.2.dll  (Read 561 times)

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When i try to run a program that uses al5audio and al5acodec i get that error
message from windows 8.1
Where can I download the proper dll's  to use with allegro5.pas?

I was using dll's for allegro 5.2.5 and that didn't work apparently.
Instead i downloaded older dll's for allegro 5.2.2 from

Now it works.
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Re: (SOLVED) allegro5.pas.. No _divmoddi4 function in allegro_acodec-5.2.dll
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That functions is afaik libgcc.  I don't know anything about allegro, but if it comes with a libgcc.a you could try to link it with {$linklib gcc}


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