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is there a way to get the FPC Dos Screen bigger?

Tomas Hajny:

--- Quote from: coradi on September 25, 2019, 04:21:03 pm ---Hi,
is there a way to get the FPC Dos Screen bigger?

--- End quote ---

I assume that you don't mean "Dos screen", but rather console window under MS Windows - either in the FPC text-mode IDE, or in Free Vision. If it's the former, you can do the following:

* Start cmd.exe
* Change the window size using the top left icon (Alt-Space) -> Preferences (the last line in the displayed menu) -> Layout (the third tab)
* Start FP
* If it changes the window size to the smaller one, go to Options -> Environment -> Preferences, scroll to the bottom of the Video mode list (which should contain the original window resolution), confirm OK, confirm the new resolution and then save the FP IDE options using Options -> Save ...
If your question refers to FV (rather than IDE), then you can have a look at the IDE sources to the part where the video mode is being configured as described above.

Hope this helps

then I have a small FPC Windows an a big big black background..the only way I found is to make the Font bigger..but it is not big enough:-(

Are you in text mode or in graph mode ?



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