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Possible Bug 2
« on: September 19, 2019, 07:09:54 am »
Just strange thing...
Others are the same with previous one.  But in this one, I changed the original form to TFrame, and new form has it. Edit2EditingDone will show the content of a field.

In the new form, there are a listview with two items, and a new button captioned 'Form Button'.
If you press 'Form Button' or any of the listview items, you will see that the content of Edit2 is changed.

BUT, please put the cursor in the Edit2, and then press the 'Form Button' or listview items.
When you press button, it will show message of the original text of Edit2, but will not change the content of Edit2.
When you press any listview item, you will see the caption of the listview item. Theoretically, Edit2EditingDone must be executed first, and the ListViewItemSelected has to follow. But it seems that the content of Edit2 is changed first, and then Edit2EditingDone is called.


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