Author Topic: Sqlite Query causes application to terminate with improper query string  (Read 224 times)


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I have been trying to learn how to use Sqlite with LAMW. Unfortunately, I had problems querying data. Rather than seeing an error the application terminates. I reviewed the DEMO projects in particular, AppDBGridViewDemo1. To my surprise the same issue was present. If I clicked the add data button the application would terminate.

Long story short, it was a simple typo in my query string, something like this,  jSqliteDataAccess1.Select('SELECT title FROM  myTable WHERE name = 'Whatever') would cause the application to terminate without warning. I finally saw it after several hours and added,

  aQuery := jEditText2.Text;
  if jSqliteDataAccess1.Select(aQuery) = '' then
      Showmessage(' There is an error in your SQL Query');
    end else...Continue on

The error in AppDBGridViewDemo1 arises  when sdaFDR.InsertIntoTableBatch(stmtArray)  is called. Adding this prevents the application from terminating yet obviously does not correct anything.

        if sdaFDR.InsertIntoTableBatch(stmtArray) = false then
            Showmessage('Houston, We have a problem!');
          end else

        TryUpdateView; //Refresh grid view.... 

It would be nice if the jSqliteDataAccess had error control to prevent this? I'm not complaining AT ALL. I appreciate all the hard work everyone involved provides. Just a heads up.
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