Author Topic: [SOLVED] Error connecting to Postgresql server cannot load libpq.dylib  (Read 335 times)


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Hi, I'm receiving the following error when trying to connect to any database on a Postgresql 11.3 server running on MacOS 10.14.6 Mohave.
Postgresql was installed using homebrew so I'm wondering if the error is caused by the library being in an unexpected location: (/usr/local/Cellar/postgresql/11.3/lib).

libpq.dylib is a link to libpq.5.11.dylib.

FPC version: 3.0.4, Lazarus version: 2.0.4, SVN Revision: exported, i386-darwin-carbon

...some weeks later...

I'll answer my own question in case anyone has the same problem: Recompiling as 64 bit fixes the issue!

This post describes a similar problem and this extremely clear and well written article shows how to do it.
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