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cant find fpdebug - new install debian10

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Michael Collier:
I'm testing installation of lazarus on debian10 and when I rebuild IDE I get "cant find fpdebug"


1. Install debian10
2. apt-get update
3. apt-get upgrade
4. synaptic package manager install gdb
5. synaptic package manager install lazarus
6. Open lazarus, do anything to rebuild IDE, (I tried adding indy10 and rebuilding).

Any ideas? maybe use a different install method for lazarus? can this error be fixed with current installation? I'm happy to keep re-installing, the machine is dedicated to installing debian/lazarus.


What debugger is selected under Toos > Options > Debugger.
It should be the GDB debugger.
If it is fpdebug, try changing it to GDB.

Michael Collier:
Thanks, checked, was/is gdb, still error

Michael Collier:
I opened fpdebug package and compiled it.

When I try to rebuild IDE it says it cant find virtual_treeview , so again opened virtual_tree_view package and compiled it.

When I try to rebuild IDE I get can't find OLE (something)..

Error messages are from memory so may contain typos..

Does this help?

I do not know which exact version "apt" does get you. Nor if it is complete.

FpDebug has been around for a long time.
Since Lazarus 1.2 it is in components/fpdebug and there should be an fdpdebug.lpk and pas, and many other files.

So check the source folder. If it is not there, then the install is incomplete.

If it is there, from the "package" menu, do "open package" and select the lpk.

Lazarus has a memory where a package was last seen. If that is pointing to the wrong place you get an error. Opening a package will update this info.


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