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to detect the default/standard font of the OS/Widgetset

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Discussion and workaround is here:,26003.msg159027.html



--- Quote ---I always thought it's possible to do on per user basis:

cp yourfont.ttf ~/.fonts

--- End quote ---

In Fedora the folder path is /home/{user}/.local/share/fonts


IMO, should work both, I just wrote ~/.fonts beacuse it's shorter (and actually it is deprecated in favor of ~/.local/share/fonts). But point was there's no need for root.

back to topic - i want the actual font, not to inject my own font.


--- Quote from: Thaddy on August 30, 2019, 01:33:47 pm ---If your application relies on a font being present it may be a better idea to include the font as a resource.

--- End quote ---
No, i want to know, what is the default font. Background: Between Jessi and Wheezy there must be a change in Raspbian in the default font (from liberationSans to freeSans).

Actual i have update my installscripts and install booth font-package.

fpreport cannot detect the font and use a predefined, not existing font :-( and on a LCL printout you see NOTHING. But there is another Bug ? prevent for a correct printout. I have fixed this with a 'hard' patch, but the issue with the font was only prevent by install all fonts on the systems. Regardless if they are Jessi or Wheezy (Buster) based.


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