Author Topic: Any idea for xplat tpopupmenu replacement that not closes when checking items  (Read 177 times)


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Has anyone in LCL/lazarus community developed a replacement tpopupmenu that does not close when checking items? (e.g. if you have a ton of options shown in a menu)

I guess the common solution is making a window form that reads the menu and generates a tree structure or similar... So that is on my todo list if there isn't already a better solution available


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Use a tool Window..
that more or less floats on top.

I guess in Lazarus its a StayOnTop window.
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 AFAIK there's no popup-menu substitute that can do that.

What I do for those cases is either show an "Options" form or a panel where the user can select the options, like in the attached image (a generic base program for tests)
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Yes - ToolWindow with StayOnTop. I did that many times. And dont forget the "close"  option ......