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wow Wow WOW WOW !!!!!  :D :D :D

I got away from Lazarus / FPC for about a year and got immersed in C++, OpenCV, Visual Studio, CodeBlocks, Geany, etc. But I just learned git and I have a ton of existing pascal code that I'm gonna need RIGHT NOW (no time to translate into C++) so I thought "what the heck". I just downloaded the three deb packages from Source Forge and blammo everything installed quickly and perfectly. I'd forgotten how FRICKIN COOL Lazarus was. I'm gonna have some FUN this weekend - thanks for all your great work !!!

Thanks team with new Lazarus release.
I still have problem with TrayIcon on my XUbuntu (XFCE Ubuntu) with Lazarus 2.0.4,45062.msg328863.html#msg328863

eastorwest, have you read ?

There are a number of issues with TrayIcon on Linux that you must understand. In XUbuntu, I'd be particularly careful if your OS has been updated.  I 'think' you should not suffer the Gnome 3 issues.

Please open a new forum thread, the thread about release is not a great place to discuss general problems. I would suggest Operating Systems->Linux



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