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Lazarus oscilloscope - FPC firmware + Lazarus GUI

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I am exited to have build a first useful project integrating embedded controller (atmega328P on Arduino Uno board) and desktop app using only FPC as compiler and Lazarus as IDE!  The controller collects 1200 10 bit samples in a buffer, which is then transmitted to a PC over serial/USB.  The desktop app collect the data and display it in a TChart.

Note that this post is not really about yet another Arduino oscilloscope (Github alone lists 153 projects for Arduino oscilloscope) - I'm exited by having the option of a Pascal toolchain from firmware to desktop software.

This is very interesting. Did you program the embedded controller in Pascal or Object Pascal, too? Can you provide a link to the software, its description or a paper about it?

Sounds quite impressive. Congratulations! ;D


I did something similiar with an STM32, also programmed in FreePascal. But not as sophisticated as yours: No trigger, fixed ports and only single shot.

Congrats Christo !

Does continuously sends live the data via uart ?

I'm finishing the driver for the enc28j60 ethernet controller. What do you think, will be possible to send the data via ethernet ?



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