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Raspberry Pi, Raspian Buster with Lazarus 2.0.0 and FPC 3.04

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I have buyed in summer in england the new Rpi4/4Go with a dowload of buster to make working pure PASCAL graphical programs on multi-plateforms and multi-OS. The purpose is to do mathematical works  ( matrix, curve 2D, 3D, 4D, ODE, PDE, pixel monte-carlo simulations ) without being ennoyed by OS. I had found my Graal by using FPC Compiler + the very interesting PTC graphical package to represent Mathematical behaviourism of Quaternion 4D space . My first problem was first downgrading Raspian OS because of the lack of graphical tools in then newest versions. PtcGraph and PtcCrt have not yet been implemented ... I wait for them ? But, on the Buster version for my Rpi4 the Fpc settings don't work yet, even for pure non-graphical calculations, because it don't find even the unit system. I wait for new OS debugging of Buster. Friendly. Yves .

Yves, can you be more specific, because I have not had *any* problems and are probably able to help.

Thanks you very much, Thaddy. On the test "hello world", the buster FPC compiler of the Raspberry  hangs under compilation because it cann't find the unit "system" of Fpc. I have peep a glance on the units directory of Fpc under Buster and I found no reference to Ptc units like ptccrt.ppu and ptcgraph.ppu. My Rpi4/4Go is brand new from August and Buster version of Raspbian has been downloaded the same day and also all the fp packages with synaptic. My PASCAL programms run without any problem (Fpc+Ptc) under Core i7 / Wind 10 and Linux Ubuntu on ASUS or Dell Bi-Xeon Quad. I just wait for compability with others of the brand new Raspbian OS on new Rpi4 . I shall wait with philosophy. Yves .

I have found what happen : I agree Thaddy when you work on command line fpc blaise.pas works. O.K. . But when you use the same demo programm under fp-ide (fp command) the compiler abort : "(2,1) Fatal: Can't find unit system used by blaise" . I think that a link
in fp-ide is going wrong ?
I shall be glad also to have good Ptc news about "ptcgraph and ptccrt" for the last O.S. versions of Raspbian under Rpi3 and Rpi4...
It is a nightmare to downgrade versions in progress to do intelligent graphical software ! Yves .

Look if the /etc/fpc.cfg if all paths are correct. delete all other fpc.cfg's


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