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For those interested, see here some results:

The 16 channel servo board is connect to pc by seria, there's no Arduijno involved.

- 16 trackbars to control a single servo, by channel.

- Truck and flatbedloader control.
  Control a single axle to steer and/or raise/lower.
  Steer: the angle of axle[00,01,02] as function of ( position of the axle and position of the steer )
  Disc:   the angle of axle[05,06,07] as funcion of ( length of the flatbedloader, angle the disc and position of the steer )

Angle of the disc: a poteniometer at ADC microcontroller.
( In the software simulated by a trackbar )

When moving steer- or disctrackbar: the included 3 trackbars are moving also on the screen.

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