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AnchorDockingDsgn - cannot dock windows to the main window
« on: June 06, 2019, 06:16:05 pm »
I've installed the latest stable Lazarus 2.02 on Win 10 and tried to set up my preferred docked IDE layout. The last time I tried this on an earlier Lazarus with AnchorDockingDsgn 0.5 it worked fine, however with the latest version 1.0 I cannot dock any windows to the main window at the top.

The best I can achieve is a separate block of docked windows including the editor etc which is independent of the main window. This is workable if I manually resize and position the two independent windows (i.e. 1=main and 2=everything else), but a minor pain if I decide to move Lazarus to another monitor as the windows must be moved independently.

Not sure if it's related or not, but maximizing the main window now causes it to cover the whole screen instead of aligning it to the top as happens without anchor docking. Everything below the coolbars and component palettes being blank.

I did find google links to the wiki, but the wiki is apparently down at the moment.

Probably something silly, but any tips will be gratefully received.
Windows 10 Home, Lazarus 2.02 (svn 60954), FPC 3.04


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