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Lazarus/Pascal Discord Server
« on: June 15, 2019, 06:58:09 am »
I'm not sure where to advertise this, so I figured it would be appropriate here.

No doubt, you guys have probably heard of a program called Discord, a chat/voice program that gained quite some popularity. There are many other ways to communicate than discord but for some instant messaging is quite preferable. I've created a Discord server for this exact purpose.

Currently at the time of writing(6/15/2019) there are very few users(about 2 actual users) who found it using Discord advertisement links. It'll be a slow growth for sure but I'd like to help promote it now to help spread the news of its existence.

I've named it Unofficial Free Pascal and I'm happy to listen to more experienced users regarding the server, especially for corrections and lack of knowledge I have myself.


You can also report the link being down or message me directly by adding me to friends.
Discord Username: Commando950#0251

If you like Discord and Pascal I hope to see you there!


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