Author Topic: TMS Web Core vs. Elevate Web Builder vs, FMSoft UniGUI vs. VirtualUI vs. ?  (Read 11252 times)


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Hi tatamata

I'm exactly in the same situation: searching for a RAD tool for building Web application with databases.

Doing a HTML5, CSS and Javascript application isn't a option, because the "hello word" it's just fine and simple, but when your project become more complex, with lots of forms and grids related, mixed with the bussines logic,  any modification is a nightmare.

I have tried Raudus and Lazarus and it seems to be the perfect way. But now I have lost hope in it, because I can't see any real progress from the application made by Igor and now owned by Cristiano. (I have paid a licence too!)

Elevate Web Builder have a good look, but you are tied to Delphi for building modules with buissness logic. And It's only Windows (I have no problem with it, but it's a plus if you have the freedom to choose your S.O.)

TMW Web Core is a good candiadate. I'm waiting for the next version that will support Lazarus.

Pas2js looks very good, but just now is not a RAD tool. I hope that it will be fully and visually integrated in Lazarus.

Regards. Eduardo.


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UniGUI Coming to  lazarus ?
my english is  bad
Lazarus 2.0.6 free pascal 3.0.4
Lazarus trunk  free pascal trunk 
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UniGUI Coming to  lazarus ?

It would be great.   ExtPascal is outdated... 


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apresentation control frequency


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I installed fpweb and that has lots of Web based database controls in it..
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