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Re: Arbitrary complex data structure?
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Please close this thread. Everyone misunderstood me and I confused everyone  :(
But please don't edit your initial post to remove the question, cause now nobody knows what everyone answered to.

I'm a fantom language hobbyist fan and I have used it to do many small homework kindof exercises. My algorithms sucks and my App all very slow and memory hundry but at least worksand give the correct answer. I used to use listof a list of a list and return a list kind of thing. Fantom allowed me to do such thing. I knowit's bad practice but I wonder if I could do the same in Pascal? Is there any limitations?The JVM which Fantom utilize allows me to do incredible things   

Ex: lst1 = [1, 2, 3]
lst2 = [4, 5,6]
lst3 = [[lst1], [lst2]]
Function ftake lst3 as input and return lst4 also a list as output.

It's a simple case. There's manymore insane things  :D


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