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Small CHM improvement

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Some more (relative minor) improvements:  here.

Some lemmas in the index were not checked for possible redirections. Fixed.

Some of the generation logs are now also packages in the beta versions, so that people can use them to find stale links in the docs etc.

Is there any update to these files?

I noticed, for example, formatting issues with the "User's Guide" (should probably be "Users' Guide" or better simply "User Guide") in Appendix D "Run-time errors" where from number 202 onwards the separate runtime errors are run together in lumps.

Nothing seems to have been committed yet - the repo chm directory is empty.

I generate them every FPC release, uploaded to the FPC mirrors, e.g.

The beta snapshots (the url you mention, that also include LCL) are done irregularly, mostly when I'm working on CHM. Since it is holidays I'll see if I can update them soon. Stay tuned


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