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Dear Lazarus friends,
  I'm playing with the database part of pas2js with much enjoyment.

I was able to use the provided rest client/server example (thanks to Michael, Mattias, Detlef, and everybody that made this possible).

From the source code, I now have a superficial knowledge of how resources (tables, views) are managed (TSQLDBRestResource).
I have the following questions:
- is there a way to define custom resources (SELECT NAME,RANK FROM FOO WHERE BAR>12) without the need to specify the types of the fields?
  in other words: can I define customized resources just from a simple select sql?
- is there a way to specify the sql directly from the client side? from TSQLDBRestDataset, for example.

I wasn't able to find any documentation about this. If there is some, I'm sorry to bother you; and please point me to it.

Best regards


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