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Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
« on: May 21, 2019, 02:14:40 am »
Multiple Document Interface (MDI)

Since this subject comes and goes, I'll sum up what I have searched so far:

Creating MDI ( Multiple Document Interface ) application
Innovation Computer Academy, November, 27th 2017
This video will show you how to create MDI form in C# and Connect child forms with the help of menus.

Belajar Delphi: Multiple Document Interface (MDI)
Yulianto Nur Rizky, September, 19th 2017

MDI and Lazarus (Windows WidgetSet),34137.0.html

MDI deprecated?,37414.0.html

still no MDI support?,5392.0.html

MDI application,29357.0.html

I'm actually develop an MDI application for Linux, Windows and others.
But I've discovered a bug on Windows release with LCL on the 2.6.x version.

LCL is very inconsistent between it's widgetsets (LCL-gtk2, LCL-win32, LCL-qt etc).   ...

As far as I know the only LCL widgetset that actually supports a usable MDI is LCL-Qt. So maybe you are better off using LCL-Qt on all your platforms, even Windows. But this makes deployment harder as you need to ship extra 3rd party (very large) libraries. Also since about the last 5+ years, nobody is really interested in tackling the MDI issues in Lazarus, so don't hold your breath for any fixes any time soon.

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