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Thank you!

I am glad to present new version 4.0:
    + support for the Android OS has been added; see a test project: "./tests/lazarus/Android/HelloBlackShark/jni/blackshark.lpr" and its application-wrapper project for Android Studio:  "./tests/lazarus/Android/HelloBlackShark"; your also need to create 'assets' directory and copy to it all folders from 'bin', for except other platforms folders (such as  'Win32' and 'Win64'); for compilation to ARM architecture you need change in 'build.gradle' file value 'x86_64'  to 'armeabi' and select 'Arm' build profile for the project in IDE Lazarus (Options->Compiler Options->Build modes));
    + support for the Ultibo OS has been added; see a test project: "./tests/lazarus/Ultibo/BSApplication/BSApplication.lpr"; for its compilation use this IDE:; before starting, also do not forget to copy to the root of the SD card all folders from the bin directory, except for Win32 and Win64;
    + on Raspberry OS it just has been run without special implementation;
    + high DPI support for default GUI sizes;
    + adaptive FPS was improved for the pure Black Shark application;
    + TBTable - some fixes;
    + Cubic Hermite interpolation adopted for 3d;
    + new IBAnimationPath3d for animation with path;
    + visibility of scroll bars was fixed in TBCustomComboBox and him descendants;
    + refactoring of gl-context creation, bs.font, bs.renderer (multiple passes were fixed), bs.config (save and load implementations were added),




Nice work! :)

Impressive !

Wow... Amazing, good job.


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